I would rather be despised than ignored, I would rather lose than not fight, I would rather fight than rest. Carpe Diem!

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Many people comment on my endless energy, including my work ethic, the strength and endurance I put in my Judo training and the passion I live my life with.

I never looked at my job as a JOB but I look at it as a pure satisfaction, challenge, experience and above all FUN! The secret of my energy is to enjoy every minute of my life, and when things don't seem to go well, I work to improve them and transform them from a burden into a pleasure. My school of life is Judo. Judo teaches you how to take falls, get up and fight back, to a point that defeat and hurdles become a source of energy and knowledge.

Digital media is the perfect fit to my character and personality. It's endless, resourceful, challenging and has no geographic limitations. For me, digital media is FUN.

Until a few decades ago, people had limited tools of communication. When I was a child, I remember taking a bus ride with my mother to the center of Florence, walk from the train station of Santa Maria Novella to the Central Post Office in Piazza delle Repubblica and wait for her to Telex a message from my father to one of the companies he represented in Calais, France. There was no fax, no email, no PDF files, no social media....

Today, we have incredible communication tools, and our network of people has grown exponentially to the hundreds, or even thousands. This makes it hard to manage and focus. Its easy to forget people's names and stories, but technology also allows us to access people's social media information, blogs, articles, videos, films, pictures, comments and quotes, all in real time, and with an interactive set of tools that allows us to comment or communicate with people from all over the world.

Mike Sweeney and I are big fans of Tiny Data and Personal Intelligence. We believe that small, niche information are the key to understand people and opportunities, especially when processed by a personal human intelligence and not an artificial number cruncher! This is why at Film Annex and Digital Design Annex, we created the concept of BuzzScore where we combine the social and digital media power of our users, partners, clients and competitors into an algorithm that tells us all about the person's interests and influence.

My Buzz Score is 64, and in more details, here below is the data that composes my score.


In a glance, you can see where I have leadership and where I lack results. In a few seconds, you see where I am losing my battles and where I gather good victories. By studying my numbers, I see where I can improve and work on the strategies accordingly. On the other hand, I can use the same tools to evaluate my employees, partners, clients and even my competitors. Regularly, I feed data to the networks, comment on other people's ideas and concepts. I expose my thoughts and gather feedback and measure.


My official summer vacation started on July 18th and is supposed to end on August 14th. Now, I am in Castiglioncello, Italy, and tomorrow I'm heading for 5 days to the Island of Elba, which famous for being the place of exile of Napoleon. Every day, I am very happy to check my emails and share my social and digital media content, including writing articles and blogs like this one. I do it with satisfaction and curiosity, regardless if it's a Sunday or a Monday. In fact, today is Sunday! We had a very interesting exchange of emails with Mike, Maurizio, Fred, Fereshteh, Lorenzo, Roya, Sem, Tommaso and Alexey, to define common goals and solutions. Their dedication, interest and suggestions fuel my ENERGY and FUN!

I interact daily with a large number of people. Some are from Afghanistan, some are from Manhattan, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka or Italy, some are friends, some are colleagues, some are partners, some are clients. All are motivated to move forward and learn from each other.


My world is made of infinite moments and instants, I would rather be despised than ignored, I would rather lose than not fight, I would rather fight than rest. Carpe Diem!

BTW, what's your BuzzScore?

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