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During my time at University, we were encouraged to keep an "Ideas Book". This book would contain photos, words, drawings or any other ideas or inspirations you have had, all stored in one place. This would get me into the habit of writing ideas as and when I thought of them. Making a written note of an idea helped me even if I would never look back at that page again. 

As you've made an effort to write these ideas down, you've made it a lot easier for your brain to store that information. Although you may never consciously remember the idea your wrote down, that idea/inspiration is more likely to be imprinted in the back of your mind. This subconsciously helps you develop new and stronger ideas. 

However, with this being the 21st Century, using a pen and paper to scribble down ideas may only appeal to some. There are now other options available to the more technology minded individual. 

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I have only recently began using Pinterest as my online "Ideas Book" and have found it incredibly useful. Not only is something like Pinterest a great way to store your own ideas and inspirations, but it is also a good place to view other peoples ideas and inspirations. 

I spend most of my time on a computer so something like Pinterest is much more easy and convenient for me. That being said, I still always keep a pen and paper near as you never know when an idea is going to pop up in your brain. 


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