If one day he left me to go ...

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This season the roads crisscrossing a nostalgia slack eel, remote wilderness. Humans fall in agony on a remote domain memories for a long time, has shattered falls through the second full minute hand, hour hand.

I suddenly counting the last period, try to count how many times the heart shortfalls, wistfully several times, preoccupies many times ... The men walked our lives, it's hard to afford to keep a broken leg the long-term sustainability.

Just say no to love, is gone. Just extract to deeply emotional soul, then back away. So we are together, side by side as simple as the season winds on, today forecast cold, sunny day was blushing.

I look back at his side, he realized. I look back on the life, no one. English as they come to you, to love you the way of a guy in love with a girl. I'm just afraid one day, he will give you the go.

Stupid humans can create your own fears and obsessions vague to each long sleep. I have been stupid not it, when every waking early to panic looking at the phone screen, wondering if today he can not be around children, have lost interest in me as ever.

If one day he left me to go, let's give you a word of warning though is short. Do not be so sudden that silence, which is remote, which forced her to fall into that shortfalls laments. I need to know why, is not love, is already bored, or simply because he finds his happiness in another girl. I would rather know the truth, pain once than to delude themselves and hurt forever.

If you leave me gone, then do not come back. I hate pity from me, you would not expect the rope off and that reluctance to tinker with an ugly knot. He then kept walking away, turned to look at where you would not see the ball. By then certainly you have to turn in a different direction, no longer standing unfocused look of passersby shadowing his life, unfocused look happy in life, but not for me.

If he had left me to go on a certain day so beautiful, do not drag your heart away all together offline. Because it's very weak, do not withstand this misguided trust him anywhere. Let me be quiet peace with what is left, not jumbled up and that steps through neglect.

Brother, is that "if" there is a reality not he?


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