If someone doesn't appreciate your presence, make them appreciate your absence.

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I had quite the conversation with someone last night about her current boyfriend. She feels that no matter what she does for him, he doesn't appreciate her at all. He takes her for granted and just automatically assumes that she will always be there to fork out whatever money he doesn't want to fork out.
They live together and they have their own set of bills that they pay. They split the rent down the middle. She always pays hers on time, but he on the other hand is always late or spends his rent money on a new video game or what not.

I told her that he was more of a child than he was an adult and that she needed to stop paying his way. His folks won't help him out at all so he relies on her to support him.
They take turns buying groceries once a week. His turn was this week and he said he couldn't buy them and that if she wanted to eat then she had to buy them. Why didn't he buy groceries? He had to buy a new game console because his broke.
She needs to raise her price tag and take herself off the clearance rack. She's worth a lot more than she realizes she is and I hope that she'll find the right guy to make her see that.


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