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Importance of milk in human diet




Milk and dairy products contain many nutrients such as carbs,protein ,fats, minerals and vitamins. Milk is very important for human body. A cup of milk provides 86 calories (fat free or skim calcium fortified) to human.







 It is a quick source to get a maximum energy to full fill the need of energy requirement in human body. Milk is important for all age of group member because it provide a variety of nutrients that is essential to keep our body healthy. About 73 percent of the calcium contains in the milk and dairy products. Drinking of Milk make the bone strong and help in the growth. Many products make from the milk such as cheese,butter,yougart and flavored milk.

Nutrients which present in milk are

Calcium - for healthy bones and teeth
Phosphorous - for energy release
Magnesium - for muscle function
Protein - for growth and repair
Vitamin B12 - for production of healthy cells
Vitamin A - for good eyesight and immune function
Zinc - for immune function
Riboflavin - for healthy skin
Folate - for production of healthy cells
Vitamin C - for formation of healthy connective tissues.
Iodine - for regulation of the body's rate of metabolism (how quickly the body burns energy and the rate of growth
Benefits of drinking milk

1-Good Complexion

Consumption of milk, at least, two glasses per a day make your skin supple, soft and glowing. Milk has many nutrients which keep the skin healthy.

2-Strong Teeth

Milk helps the body from tooth decay and cavities because milk has probiotics and prebiotics in it. The calcium can be absorbed easily by the body when vitamin D is around.

3-Healthy Bones

Kids need to drink milk to increase bone and improve proper growth. Drinking of milk in adult make the bone strong and the protect the adult from osteoporosis disease.

4- Muscle Growth

The protein in milk .Protein is essential for muscle and cellular growth.

5-Weight Loss

Studied have proven that the woman who drink the milk daily to lose weight than the woman who don’t take milk a regular basis.

6-Reduce Stress

Many vitamins present in the milk that works as a stress reliever. After a hard work,sit down and drink a warm glass of milk. The warm glass of milk makes the nerves smooth the release the stress.

7-Disease Fighter

Milk has the ability to reduce the risk of strokes

Milk has the ability to reduce the production of cholesterol by liver

Milk help to improve the eyesight

Intake of milk prevents the human from colon cancer

Intake of milk helps to increase the red blood cell in human body








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