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It is noticeable that we are all members of bitlanders I would like to ask all members who have joined bitlanders  just for making unwanted posts . We just ask them quality materials function here for you to share your important ideas in the form of blog but quality only .

All new members must follow some rules that may be useful are as follows .
1. Provide quality materials only . 2. Pictures are not published in a handful of quantity, and we do not like to see the spam here. 3. Only the quality of blog writers must be here.

4. Before comment it is important that you read the blog once. 5. Be nice to everyone , because it is a social platform .


Above , we discussed some of the rules that are really useful for members who have just joined this site . As you quality content provider so you will actually be appreciated for your work here . But if you think that you earn more than just publishing a kind of stupid posts like making another spam, then in your misunderstanding , and you will not be able to earn good money . Everyone would like to see your face , but a good and a fake one who believes only in harmful
thoughts and therefore we want you to be specific while posting her need to think twice . All you have to think about quality but not quantity.



Thanks for reading and appreciating our blog.

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Writer: Zeeshan khan

Translator at Bitlanders

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I am working in Bitlanders as a Translator and writter. Profession: Electronic Engineer Big projects: Control system designing , Fpga controls auto Traffic light etc Member at: IEEE Future Plan: To work on drones for benefit of mankind. Aim: To finish the energy crises by giving my best to make…

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