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A year ago the world was introduced to the glory and heroism of the greatest hero of all, Mega Power Man.  Was he truly the most amazing person to be around?  He certainly thought so.  He also parodied the idea that a super hero was truly amazing in every way, by showing off how horrible he is to be around.  

The shoot happened on a Saturday morning in Andrew's apartment.  Mega Power Man was played by regular Sasketch Show Collaborator, Zach Miko, while Andrew played Tom.  

- Some of the anecdotes of the shoot included, cramming 4 people into the living room for each shot around the oddly placed furniture.
 Karen stepping up her previous role as expert make up artist from Ben the Humicorn and adding a job of expert seamstress, as she created the Mega Power Man chest emblem and sewed it on herself.  Unfortunately, her inability to remember the password to the ipad for each take as script supervisor, cost her all the street cred earned.  

The finale of the sketch was one of the first "stunts" that was performed in a Sasketch Sketch.  The original takes of Mega Power Man flying away at the end, didn't work properly, so Paul and Andrew had to return to the apartment a couple weeks later and reshoot it.  The final shot of Andrew reacting was without Zach, and he was instead avoiding Paul waving the cape and then showering him with random plaster found piled up in a trash bag in the hallway.  Paul claimed that the reaction shot needed to be done 56 times, but it's possible that just getting the opportunity to throw garbage on his colleague was really what needed to be done.  If only Mega Power Man had been around to save him!


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