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Information system is very important in Ufone as it is a telecommunication company and it needs to keep all the records of it s customers using its services, keep the records of the messages, calls internet used and every single thing and as it is a nation wise company and has hundreds of branches the purpose of information system is to keep all the branches connected and to keep them stay in touch and keep all the data central so every branch has a secure access to it.


The information system keeps the information of the customer safe, all the operations happening in the company are also recorded in it, all the finances are also there and it is basically there to keep all the information just a click away and it helps company to perform efficiently without losing time. As information system has advantages, it has disadvantages as well, if any information is leaked out of any customer or if any information of the company is leaked out they can face terrible results so the security of the system needs to be very good and the company should make sure that it is never misused by anyone. 

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