Innocent children abused for reasons us ourselves?

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In the past when a disaster such as a flood, hurricane or heat above do any of this, our peoples go to the mosques was filled because it is thought that our sins are of this type of difficulties. But today is nothing like that in.

I'm talking about is the target of some innocent children and girls are their greed and brutality it after them. Many of the cities have been in Pakistan for many events. Some time ago at Lahore in the first five years of girl sexual abused and killed her beasts of lust target crops where his body dropped in animal. The first young girls become victims of this type, but now also why the end now innocent children?

There are many reasons one of which, it was not the first our people must read this value were low speed media but there was shame and fear of God. But nowadays, so much of the media has become the fastest, as well as such does not spend a lot of our generation that is broadcast is being affected.


When we were accepted, but anyone can participate in our news today out of fear of any such news very quickly, we are just so grateful that it all prays with our children, as well as what is not reserved. But I say that the little girl was not even passing with his parents? He was guilty of a daughter was innocent not yet properly to talk did not even know.

 I’m going to talk today in which he is highly embarrassing to the brutality with brutality us of an example. Today is not the day the newspaper and news account of tragedy, our heart is probably thinking the same shiver "we are thankfully not with us the entire chip.


If we are silent on every such news, I fear the same ask why our country shall not be filled with this type of crime are becoming more empowered day events of the day.

Because neither the beasts there until today there has been no conviction and found that the Sun and other to this sort of work. I think when any such in the hand or be killed, in front of all the people in the market, be a beast to pick at their skin that lentils before taking them to realize they did worked.



And at the same time, bring up their children properly, even if the parents are the ones that will be fine because when raised, this type of crime will get in to see less. If a child takes no interest in studies, it has no skills to be Sikh. And also whether there is any incident of sounds because they’re everywhere and got it to work with any of the child could be. It’s my essence of God to protect all children from such beasts. (Amen)



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