Input and output devices

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Input Devices
An input device is any hardware component
that allow you to enter data and instruction
into a computer. Five widely used input device
are the keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner,
and Web cam (Figure 1-3).
A computer keyboard contain key you press
to enter data into the computer. For security
purpose, some keyboard include a fingerprint
reader, which allows you to work with the computer
only if your fingerprint is recognized.
A mouse is a small handheld device. With the
mouse, you control movement of a small symbol
on the screen, called the pointer, and you make
selection from the screen.
A microphone allow you to speak into the
computer. A scanner convert printed material
(such as text and picture) into a form the
computer can use.
A Web cam is a digital video camera that
allows you to create movies or take picture
and store them on the computer instead of on
tape or film.Output Device
An output device is any hardware
component that conveys information to one
or more people. Three commonly used output
device are a printer, a monitor, and speaker
(Figure 1-3).
A printer produce text and graphic on a
physical medium such as paper. A monitor
displays text, graphic, and video on a screen.
Speaker allow you to hear music, voice, and
other audio (sounds).

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