Intel officially introduced his first luxury high-end smart bracelet for the right audience market - women who are following fashion, as well as a variety of models and business woman. The bracelet has a curved sapphire coating of the display and trim of semi-precious stones. As reported, the novelty has been designed with the fashion house for the opening of the upcoming ceremony and it is called MICA - My Intelligent Communication Accessory. It seems that this is the first wearable device with such a long name.
Smart bracelet luxury Intel MICA will be priced at $ 1,000 in accordance with the same jewelry that will be presented at a future ceremony fashion - says Intel. Worn novelty will provide his owner display alerts and notifications, including SMS-message, calendar reminders, warnings about meetings and other various notifications that are sent directly to the curved display, a protected newfangled sapphire glass. In addition, two-way wireless data transmission over a cellular communication of the third generation will be available without the need to interface with a smartphone. Smart bracelet Intel MICA can be charged wirelessly or with a cable USB. In October, the company plans to provide more information about the possibilities of the bracelet.

MICA will come in two styles - the first version will have a black snakeskin, pearls from China and lapis stones from Madagascar. The second option will receive a similar styling, but other materials - it will have a white snakeskin, tiger eye from South Africa and obsidian from Russia. Diagonal touch screen is 1.6 inches, and all this beauty is mounted on the wrist by a zipper at the bottom of a smart bracelet. Also, Intel officially show wearing luxury device MICA at the opening of spring / summer collection - fashion show 2015 on Sunday.