Internet is my FOOD , Bubblews is my DRUG- How do you think?

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For a long time now,I am living some what in a virtual life.A virtual life having ways for knowledge,entertainment,employment,social interactions and so on.I am really loving to live a life like this.

Its the internet which is now rushing through my nerves.Everything in my life have a touch of internet now.I don't know whether it is good or not.But as far as I feels happiness,I am not concerned about it.For me,internet provides a wide angle exposure to anything and everything in the world.

It was the same Internet which provided me the new drug.I will advice you to replace marijuana with Bubblews.Once tasted,you are in the web

There won't be an escape or rehabilitation.That is because bubblews won't let you know that it is addicting!

..good luck to you

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