Is Connor McGregor the Highest Paid UFC Male Athlete?

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Connor McGregor has showed up to fight six times inside the UFC octagon and according to the Irish native, he is the highest paid and hardest working fighter on the roster. But how did such a man overstep MMA greats such as Jon Jones and Cain Velasquez to become the cash-cow of the company? 

Mixed martial arts is part sport and part entertainment. Just like any business, the numbers matter. If you compete in MMA, do you know what your numbers are? Connor recognizes that big numbers equal a big pay day. That's how business works. And that's why marketing is so important to business.

Connor has done a great job selling his product. Some may say that he has talked his way into a title fight, but what he really is doing is marketing himself. He is marketing his product. And as long as he continues to win, that product offering value will continue to grow. 

When you fight me, it changes your life. - Connor McGregor

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