Is That So?

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So, You started abusing her? did you accomplish some sort of gratification? I mean really? Did you accomplish something after molesting her? Serious? Are you?

Do you even remember that she was the one to whom once you said “I love you jaan”. She was the one who used to wake you up early morning by her sweet calls and texts . She was the one you said you wont ever leave irrespective of any condition she is going through and now you are molesting her?

Haah! I feel so pity for the pretty girl who “trusted” you “who made you her life” “who once said i will do as you say , even if u said stop breathing , I wont question you back ”. My brain gets numb when i hear about someone physically and consequently mentally abusing a girl.
Do you really feel fascinating?
You say you are mature , You say you are grown up .. is this you maturity or its just your way to treat someone who trusted you?

Men always complains that we don't find a good woman, but when they do they don't know what to do with her!

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Emm, this section makes my mind go like "who am I" :/ :p

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