Is You Getting Vitamin D Enough?

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Is You Getting Vitamin D Enough?

Vitamin D is the star of nutrients in these days, as research links to numerous health benefits. Studies suggest that vitamin D may extend beyond its well-established role in bone health and reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and others.

What makes vitamin D is unique, a vitamin, as well as the hormone your body can from the sun. Despite the possibility of obtaining vitamin D from food and sunshine, with an estimated 40% -75% of the people are not sufficient.

Why? Vitamin D is not abundant in our food choices, and the sun is not a reliable source for everyone.

Many factors affect the ability of the skin to produce vitamin D, this season, time of day, latitude, air pollution, cloud cover, sunscreen, exposed parts of the body, color and age. Dermatologists recommend using sunscreen and getting vitamin D from food and supplements, and not risk damaging rays of the sun.

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