It Ain't All About the Money--Really!

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In my last blogpost, I seemed to be going on and on about getting paid for my cartoon work.  I was thrilled when I got three figures for doing children's book illustrations.  I was "on the moon" seeing my Film Annex revenues going up.  After all, art is a business, right?

Well, yes, although some people don't realize it.  There are those who will pay very little or nothing for original artwork thinking, "They're artists, they don't care about money.  Besides, don't they have side gigs to make them money?  It's all about creating, right?"

Yes, I love creating cartoons, animations and caricatures--and even putting them on products like t-shirts and mugs at my Zazzle store, Toonarama (  The creative process is a wonderful feeling.  Coming up with drawings and ideas is a lot of fun.  That's why I became a cartoonist--I love making cartoons!

I also love paying rent, buying food, getting and maintaining clothes and buying art supplies, paper and whatever else I need to create.  I am a small business and I do want to make good money.  It's not out of greed, it's out of need.  This artist will not starve!

So I'm one of those artists who cares about money--but it's not "all about the Benjamins".  Or the Andrews or the Alexanders or the Abrahams or the Georges.  It's about making people happy with my work, making them feel good.  

Oh, I do have a side gig--substitute teaching in my local school system.  But I still want to get paid for my cartoons!  Art's a job--my favorite job.

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