Jarvela shares business struggles and keys to success.

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When it comes to business, fashion is much like any other industry. In this fashion film, fashion designer and founder of Frank and Lu clothing, Michael Jarvela sat down with Tommaso Rulli. Jarvela and talks about how he came to create Frank and Lu and his struggles with social media.

Whether it’s the manufacturers of buttons, shoe insole, or stepladders, companies emerge out of a need. Frank and Lu was no different. The idea to create a high-quality, comfortable line of clothing for children came when Jarvela realized his son’s wardrobe selection was less about style and more about comfort. Jarvela took on the challenge of combining the two.

That was the easy part. When asked about his online sales strategy and social media presence Jarvela admitted to his reluctance to join social networks. He shared that he is learning the importance of social media and engaging his audience.

The truth is, Jarvela isn’t alone in his fear social media.  Many business executives don’t see the value in internet marketing promotion and social media, and see it as too time consuming. Others simply have a negative view of the online community.

In December 2012, The Harvard Business Review writer, Dorie Clark published, “Shy of the Social Media Spotlight? Get Over It.” In the article, Clark urges executives to get involved with social media not only because it’s necessary, but also because there are others who can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

In Micheal Jarvela’s case, there’s a lot he can share. While he calls himself a “novice” when it comes to social media, he is an expert in the fashion industry. In fact, during this brief interview, he talks about the difference in the mindset of an employee and the mindset of a business owner. He even suggests that people should only hire individuals who have their own business. Jarvela says business-owners have more skills and functionality.

 In this interview Jarvela indirectly shares the secret key to running a business: In doing what you love to do, sometimes you still have to do things you hate to do. 



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