John Barban's Program - The Venus Factor Review | PDF Download

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John Barban's Program - The Venus Factor Review  |  PDF Download

Does it work ?

Diet is not a simple matter, especially when you need to restrain excessive appetite when they are in front of you. Burgers, grilled meats, pizza, chocolate and others, if you are able to cope with all that? Not easy to determine what diet you should live, The Venus Factor, one diet program that might be your choice to eliminate the stubborn fat apda part of your body. While undergoing this diet then you are required to consume healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber as well as choosing healthier cooking oil for the body.

In carrying out The Venus Factor Diet then you also need to be active in sports. This diet was developed by John Barban, a nutritionist who developed this diet and introduced him to the book. In his book he promoted that day is one important part of the diet of a person lived. Moreover a person who underwent The Venus Factor Diet is they should be able to have the right combination of foods and schedule certain foods to increase metabolism in order to burn maximum fat. Well, this diet other than the use of healthy food also uses detoxification system to speed up the fat burning process.

Some stages The Venus Factor Diet Plan that you can run include:

Hold 1
In the early stages when you undergo this diet then this is a phase detiksifikasi. While undergoing detoxification you Hattush consume 8 glasses of cranberry juice mixed with water every day. Calorie intake required is limited to that of about 1100 to 1200. Also avoid the consumption of wheat and some dairy products when the first phase.

Phase 2
Currently and through this stage then you really need to lose weight continuously. Currently this stage and needs some calories derived from carbohydrates were added to the food.

Phase 3
The Venus Factor Diet in this phase is designed to control your weight all the time. At this stage, the calories will be reduced by as much as 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 30% protein. Consumption of milk in limited quantities allowed at this stage.
In addition to the above steps, you were also required to follow be some light exercise. Exercise is an important part of The Venus Factor diet. In the first two phases of exercise of the diet, the exercise can be done by walking for 20 to 30 minutes 5 times a week. In addition you can also undergo jumping exercises as many as 100 per day. Tahpa third of this exercise is to increase muscle strength and of course you have to keep the daily diet -- read: The Venus Factor Diet PDF Review.

Excess The Venus Factor Diet

The advantages of this diet is able to clean the toxins that are in your heart. Detiksifikasi recommended in diet helps in fat and cellulite disappear from your body. In addition you can further improve the body's energy and metabolism, control of emotions, can sleep better and also weight loss very quickly. Excess The Venus Factor Diet is because the food there is consumption of healthy foods so many people who succeed on this diet even they also get a healthy body all time and also free from the disease (source: )

Disadvantages The Venus Factor Diet
Because there are many foods that should be limited so that for some people they feel miserable, especially in the first two phases of the diet. Food sold outside was not to be touched and this diet is costly because you also need to take supplements are expensive. This diet is effective for weight loss but if you are going to continue to go on a diet when you get back body fat? Balanced diet control and continually is the right step for you to get the ideal body without having to make agonizing diet.


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