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In the past century, the importance of women has taken for granted. Women haven't been given equal rights when it comes to economic, political, social, and so on. But now, the time has changed. Women continue to dominate different communities and economies. It is a turning point for us women, and I am happy and excited that I will be making a movie review which is posted by micky-the-slanted-salerno to support women empowerment.  

Watching movies help us keep entertained. It gives us some inspiration, and a peek into the evident truths of life. Then it helps us to recognize that we are also able to do great things in life. It's my first time to see it on screen, and I can say that Julie and Julia is a movie that will certainly motivate all of you. 

Julie and Julia Trailer

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The trailer of Julie and Julia is light and quite entertaining. And just like the rest of the movies, it gives you some snippets of how the story will go. It starts with Julia introducing herself, and her life before she's changed the world. Then it was followed by Julie's life before she became famous online. Now, let's know more about them. Read on. 

  •  The Characters

Meryl Streep as Julia Child 

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In the year 1949, Julia Child, played by Meryl Streep, an American woman, moved into Paris, France with her French diplomat husband, Paul Child (Stanley Tucci). She has a pretty good life in France, but she isn't content being just a housewife, that's why she's in a constant lookout for ways to keep herself busy. She considered bridge lessons and hat-making, but it seems like her love for French food led her to a path that she truly loves, cooking. Julia enrolled in a professional all-male culinary school called Le Cordon Bleu. She is the underdog in the class, her classmates doubt her competence, but she has managed to make her way up to the top. She writes all her experiences in school to a friend named Avis DeVoto, whom she never met in person yet. 

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Together with her friends, Louisette and Simca, they have started teaching with only three students in the class. Her sister, Dorothy arrived in France, and they threw a party for her. Then here comes the wedding of Dorothy with a complete stranger. Meanwhile, Julia has begun writing her first cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and it's in English. Her husband has been supportive ever since, but Paul asked her if she's willing to leave Paris for work. Julia isn't sure how things will work out for her as she has prior commitments. Julia received a letter from Avis Devoto saying that an editor wants to publish her book. She's happy with the news, but they have to leave for Marseilles. 

Amy Adams as Julie Powell

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Julie Powell, played by Amy Adams, moved into a new 900-square feet apartment in Queens New York with her husband, Eric Powell (Chris Messina), who is an editor. Julie works in Lower Manhattan Development Corporation as a government employee, but she doesn't look happy with her job. Her friends are all successful with their respective careers, and it seems like Julie is left behind. One of her friends, Annabelle, is writing a blog and is receiving a lot of good feedback from her readers. Julie, a former writer, wants to go back to writing, too. Her husband suggested a blog about cooking, but Julie doubted herself and of her competence. But then she realized, that she can just cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook, and write a blog about it. The challenge is 365 days, 524 recipes

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For her first recipe, Julie cooked some artichokes with hollandaise sauce, then it was followed by meat with mushrooms, and poached eggs to name a few. She has started getting gifts from her faithful fans and readers, which made her fall in love with cooking even more. But of course, there are still bad days for Julie, especially when she failed to make her aspic and roast chicken stuffed with chicken livers and cream cheese work. She was devastated. After a few minutes, a reporter called her up to set an interview. Also, there's a surprise guest coming to her house for dinner. Julie is cooking boeuf bourguignon for her guest, Judith Jones, the editor who's responsible for getting Julia Child's cookbook published some time ago. However, she left her boeuf bourguignon in the oven overnight, and it got burned. She made another one and this time with raspberry bavarian cream dessert, but since it's been raining, her guests can't come over for dinner. Julie seems to be obsessed with the recognition she's been getting. She has no longer have time for her marriage which made her husband quite upset about it. 

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  • Movie Review

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Based on two true stories, Julie and Julia by Nora Ephron is a movie about two people who always wanted to live a life that they've always wanted, challenging and out of the ordinary. That is what women empowerment is all about. Women who aren't afraid to take the leap and make their own choices and decisions. Back to our movie review, The movie Julie and Julia is a feel-good and entertaining movie. Meryl Streep did a great job in portraying her role as Julia Child. She's charming, funny, quirky, and her accent in the movie was spot-on. 

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Meanwhile, Amy Adams' character is sweet, but she tends to complain a lot, and it's dragging sometimes.  And her relationship with her husband is somewhat disappointing despite her husband being supportive of her all the time. But it's nice to see male actors being dominated by female leads this time. 

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 Julia, you are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life."  - Paul Child

On the other hand, Julia Child is happy with her married life. Her husband has always been supportive since the very beginning, and they always try to understand each other. 

  • Life Lessons

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Don't give up on your dreams 

  • In spite of Julia Child's age, she has still pursued her love for cooking. As what I've said earlier, she's an underdog in the class, but she has made her way up to the top, despite some people who question her skills. Julie went through the same situation, but it didn't stop her from getting what she wants. 


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Love what you do

  • It is necessary that you always love what you do. Yes, some people may need a job for the money, but it doesn't mean that you can't put your heart into it. Instead of whining over things you can't control, try to give your attention to great things like what Julia Child did in the movie. 

Always make time for your family

  • Despite your busy schedule at work, always make time for your family. Don't be a Julie Powell in the movie, wherein she almost neglected her husband due to her obsession with cooking. 

Accept the fact that you are not perfect

  • We are not perfect. We commit mistakes every now and then, but you won't let it hold you back in achieving your dreams. That is the attitude of an empowered woman


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Final Thoughts

Julie and Julia is a comedy and drama film that will surely inspire you to work hard in reaching all your dreams and passions in life, and it's a good movie to support women empowerment.  

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Thank you for reading my blog post. Blessings!

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