Junk Food is Dangerous for Health ?

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Good Diet is necessary for Good health. A common man work really hard to earn good money to spend a good life. After the whole day work ,he needs energy ,which comes from good food with extra proteins. Now days fast food is becoming Popular in young people and children. Amount of calories in junk food is huge, which is the basic factor of fats. this is the reason that junk food eaters are mostly fat. In fast food , burger, pizza, patties , sandwiches , pasta ,are included. Burgers are not good for your health. Burger eaters have biggest problem which is depression. Scientist have proved that burger eating people have 50 percent more chance of getting depression then others. Fast food is not easy to digest ,that is why eating fast food leads you to heart problems. Burger and Pizza are not easy to digest. Fast food leads us to Diabetes, cancer , and astringency. During the preparation of junk food ,many chemical ingredients are inserted in them which are dangerous for our health. Fast food is only mean for making good Business . Fast food increase the weight and make us Fat. Many people know about this fact, but they ignore it. Toronto University researched about junk food that the Paper bags use for junk food are made up from chemical which can be easily transmitted into our blood, makes our cholesterol high and changes our hormones. Its better not to see hospital by taking precautionary measures.

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