Kashmir and its Importance

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The state of Kashmir is a Muslim majority area between India and Pakistan.People of this region decided to stay with Pakistan but then its owner Raja Hari Singh sold it out to Nahro family.There had been a great fight between the government of Pakistan and the government of India over the control of this region since 1947.This issue was raised to United Nation but no international force tried to resolve this issue honestly.

At partition,Kashmir the largest of princely states had a prominent majority of Muslims so it should have been awarded to Pakistan.Secondly Kashmir and Jammu is more geographically part of Pakistan than of India.Kashmir is important to Pakistan because this is through this territory that the head waters of four out of five main rivers flow.Controlling Kashmir means controlling the region that supports Pakistan's agriculture and Industry.Maintaining a defensive force for this region also eats away a big chunk of Pakistan's budget which could be spent on meaningful development of country.

Kashmir is the part of Pakistan according to the rules and regulations of partition in 1947 but since the state was owned by a Sikh and was given to Hindus by this Sikh instead of giving it to Pakistan.This is the main issue to which other minor issues are related.

Kashmir is an important location for both India and Pakistan from where both countries could attack each other.This is why both countries have developed heavy and strong forces at the border of Kashmir.The people of Kashmir want to be independent so that they could decide about their future and plan something.

This issue should be resolved and the right should be given to Kashmiris to decide and choose with whom they want to live.Me and my other Pakistani fellows are with Kashmiri brothers and sisters and we will accept whatever they decide.




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