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                              KASHMIR                                                                                                 Kashmir is undoubtedly the hard nut to crack.if not resolved, it might lead to another war between the two nuclear rivals of south asia.Kasmir is still witnessing an indian reign of terror in the form of ruthless atrocities.the indigenous uprising which erupted vehemently in 1989 shows no signs of abating.the nationalist tide istoo strong for india to cope with.indias iron hand has not been successful.the only splution to this quagmire is giving the kashmiris their right of self-determination as envisaged by the UN resolutions favouring a plebiscite.the dormant composite dialogue at least showed some positive signs in the sense that kashmiris were recongizedby india for the first time.if resumed, the dialogue should emphasize this core reality of including the kashmiris as a third party.the tuture of kashmiris must be decided by the kashmiris. and india must let do so and reliquish its obstinacy.                                                                                 SIACHEN GLACIER..                                                                  The siachen glacier is the highest battleground on earth where india and pakistan have founght intermittently since april 13,1984.both countries maintan permanent military presence in the region at a height of over 6,000 metres (20,000).the conflict in siachen stems from the incompletrly demarcated territory on the map beyond the map coordinate known as NJ9842. the 1972 simla agreement did not clearly mention who controlled the glacier merely stating that from the NJ9842 location the boundary would proceed thence north to the glaciers. UN officals presumed there would be no dispute between india and pakistan over such a cold and barrenregion.  WATER:INDIA STILL BLACKMAILS PAKISTAN...                India leaves no stone unturned in blackmailing pakistan by manipulating any crisis or dispute either it is of permanent or temporary nature. india has broken all the previous records in blackmailing pakistan in the aftermath of the november 26 mumbai carnage. new delhi is insisting that pakiistan show progress over the culprits of mumbai terror-events as pre-condition to talk on other issues of the composite dialogue.on the other hand pakistan rulers have been repeatedly emphasizing indian leadership to produce solid information in this regaed...

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