Kochia in Hitachi Seaside Park

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There are so many things to do in Hitachi Seaside park. Right here is some details about the beautiful Hitachi Seaside Park. Ibaraki is famous for widespread attractions like Hitachi Seaside Park .

It is located within the Ibaraki district of Japan and lies on the Ibaraki coast . The park’s kochia are cultivated for decretive purposes, but the plant does have a few practical uses as well. Aside from being used in some herbal medicines, the kochia seeds are eaten in some parts of northern Japan, where they’re called tonburi. Tonburi connoisseurs refer to the seeds as the “caviar of the fields,” due to the two foods’ similarity in texture.


Every autumn thousands of Kochia bushes turn crimson on MIHARASHI HILL inside the Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan.
We simply cannot help but marvel at this remarkable autumn view. It is absolutely wondrous to behold, a must-see for anyone venturing to Japan this time of the year.



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