Korean Reality Show Review: Hello Counselor - Yeo Esther, Hong Hyegeol [ENG-2017.02.13] Part. 2

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Korean Reality Show Review: Hello Counselor - Yeo Esther, Hong Hyegeol [ENG-2017.02.13] Part. 2

Hello guys~ LookUp again here :3 I will continue to discuss about my previous blog titled "Korean Reality Show Review: Hello Counselor - Yeo Esther, Hong Hyegeol [ENG-2017.02.13] Part. 1". In my previous blog I have discussed about the first concern from "Hello Counselor" titled "Daughter, Please Stop". And on this blog I will discuss about the other two concerns which is presented in this episode. If you want to know more about what is "Hello Counselor" you could read my old blog titled "Hello Counselor: The Problem Solver TV Show". I hope you could enjoy this blog too :D Happy reading~!!!

"Watch this episode of Hello Counselor below"

Video Credit: KBS World TV via Youtube

About Hello Counselor

Hello Counselor (Hangul: 안녕하세요; RR: Annyeonghaseyo) is a South Korean reality show first that debuted in November 2010. It is hosted by Shin Dong-yup,[2] Lee Young-ja, and Cultwo (Jung Chan-woo, Kim Tae-gyun). Choi Tae-joon joined the show as host starting August 29, 2016. According to the show's official description through KBS, Hello Counselor is a talk show with an emphasis on regular people, regardless of age or gender, that aims to help take down communication barriers by sharing stories about life.[1] The program airs every Monday on KBS World. -wikipedia

2nd Concern: "She is Gold, I am Poop"

"Choi Ga-hye"


Image Credit: Snapshot from Youtube video by LookUp

The second concern came from an 11 year old girl named Choi Ga-hye. She comes to "Hello Counselor" because she has a problem with her grandmother who always discriminate between her and her older sister which causes her to hate her grandmother. Her grandmother always behaves unfairly to her and loves her sister more. When an incident occurs between them her grandmother always takes sides with her older sister and blame her without knowing the truth.

"Choi Ga-hye's grandmother"


Image Credit: Snapshot from Youtube video by LookUp

Just hearing the story that Ga-hye sent to "Hello Counselor", I can already judge that this issue is a concern. I do not understand why her grandmother did not like this cute and pretty girl. Instead she discriminate and behaves unfairly toward her, but always fond to Ga-hye's older sister and treat her differently.

"Choi Ga-hye's older sister"


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The age of children is in the vulnerable age stage. Parents, grandmothers, or anyone else, can not treat a child like this. Because the child will be traumatized and will always remember this incident even after she become adult later and will give bad affect for her and the people around her. She may will become a rebel and mischievous, because it is one of her ways to seek the attention of the people around her.

"Choi Ga-hye's family: grandmother, older sister, and mother"


Image Credit: Snapshot from Youtube video by LookUp

Later they found out the reason why her grandmother loves her sister more. She told that her older sisters was often sick when she was little and her grandmother was always worried about her, which is why she has been more loving to her sister now and she feels sorry and worries about her. Upon hearing the story, the hosts ask Ga-hye to understand why her grandmother loves her sister more. And yeah, Ga-hye can understand that, but she does not understand why grandmother hate her, moreover now her older sister is healthy and her mother has confirmed it.

"The host flustered after hearing grandmother's answer"


Image Credit: Snapshot from Youtube video by LookUp

Woah, I can feels Ga-hye feeling. The funny things is, whenever her grandmother was asked about the past events where she discriminated Ga-hye, she always said she did not remember it (what a funny grandmother :D) Yeah, maybe because her age which is already old so she cannot remember the pasts, or maybe she could be lying about it, because she reasoned about did not remember anything so many times whenever the hosts ask her :D

Thankfully, the guest, Yeo Esther could give the better explanation to Ga-hye about the reason why her grandmother did that by using an example of her pets. And Ga-hye can accept that well and become more confident and proud of herself. Of course, her grandmother finally admit that she also wrong by treating Ga-hye differently and willing to change.

"The final result with 137 votes"


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Overall, I will vote this matters as a concern as I have said above. The grandmother should change her behavior and the way she think and Ga-hye should act more lovely toward her mother so they could get along well each other. With this she earned 137 votes out of 200 audiences, 2 points difference from the first concern, but still considered as high or serious concern. I hope they both be happy now.

3rd Concern: "Hello, I am Young-sook"

The third concern came from a married man who have problem with his friend named "Cho Young-sook". Cho Young-sook is a bright woman with full energy, and they first met through a work and became friends until now. The reason he came to "Hello Counselor" was he wanted to stop his friend's behavior which is can be said extraordinary and always put him in awkward and embarassment moments.

"Cho Young-sook"


Image Credit: Snapshot from Youtube video by LookUp

Cho Young-sook looks like an ordinary woman from the outside. The problem is, she always greets people, introduce her name and talks to them even though she just meets them, such as to bus drivers, restaurant owners, etc. This kind of behavior always put her friends in awkward and embarassing moments whenever around her. The more extreme is, she could just suddenly dance in the street whenever she wants to or act randomly.

"Cho Young-sook become friendly with the audiences even before the show start"


Image Credit: Snapshot from Youtube video by LookUp

I do not want to consider this problem as serious concern. In fact, I was laughing hard when hearing the story about this concern. Yeah, her act could be embarrassing at some point, but it also good if you look it from positive way. As long as she knows what should and should not be done when in public place, I think there is no problem. Her friends just need to support her, watch her, and give her advice if she goes overboard. With this, he earned 67 votes out of 200 audiences. Actually I envy with her outgoing behavior, since I'm a timid and shy man :D

Today's Winner

In the end, "Daughter, Please Stop" come out as the winner of this episode with 139 votes and "Hello Counselor" will give prize to them. I do not know what is the prize because "Hello Counselor" has changed its format since last year (if I am not wrong). But before the changes, the prize for the winner is $1000 of money. 

"The winner: Daughter, Please Stop"


Image Credit: Snapshot from Youtube video by LookUp

That's it my simple review about "Hello Counselor". Wait for my next blog about "Hello Counselor" :D 





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