Land Rover Range Rover SUV

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The all-new 2013 Land Rover that made its debut in the September Paris Motor Show is all set to enter the US markets in January 2013. Tata Motors that took over from Ford Motors in 2008 has not only rounded off the corners to do away with the boxy exterior, but has also tackled the issue of fuel economy by making it 700 lbs lighter. Though the 5.0L V8 Super charged engine has been retained, it is now revamped with a 6-speed automatic power transmission. Revised air-suspension system and a restyled interior are other new features that sets this iconic flagship model apart. It is estimated to cost anywhere from $95,670 to $125504. Brandishing a new image, the 2013 Land Rover is at last ready to flourish with an identity of its own.

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