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Technology means the knowledge that use by hands. It means the knowledge use by tools applied science, source and by art. Technology means the facility creating by knowledge skill art or by applied science. Where from a person can get benefits of life. In past there are no up to date technologies. There is no fast movements, no fast communications. But now a days the technologies are very fast like telecommunication network, space technology.

 Impacts of latest technologies:

 The latest technologies have reduce many problems of human being like communication ,travelling and the cure of diseases. The harmful effects of latest technologies are given as under.

   The most harmful impact of latest technology is the fastest communication network. Because in past people use telegrams for sending messages. But as time get passed the science get updated and the scientists introduced the mobile phones . Peoples can contact from any place to where they want.


Second harmful impact of these technologies is fastest travelling from city to city by spending just spend just movements. And country to country by just spending hours beside this impact the journey of city to city by passing to many years. So now a days travelling is so easy for all over the world in few days.

In past the treatment system of serious diseases is almost impossible and so many deaths came happened for no harmful treatment system. But now the latest technologies improve the treatment system of these diseases and almost all diseases are treatable and cureable.

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