LinkedIn Is Also For Filmmakers

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Last week, Film Annex announced that LinkedIn had now the most influence in the BuzzScore, meaning that sharing content on LinkedIn will have more impact on the increase of your score.

How do you share film and blog content on a professional network? Who are you going to reach, compared to Facebook or Twitter? LinkedIn is a professional platform but it is still a social network where you connect with other users, set up a profile, and share updates.

Here are a few tips and recommendations for independent filmmakers who want to use LinkedIn efficiently to promote their work.

1. Be sure that you chose your industry well. Most of our filmmakers I see on LinkedIn are in the Arts or Entertainment industry, with sub-categories like Motion Pictures and Films or Animation. Those seem to be the best ones to choose.

2. Whether you work freelance or for a studio, list the movies you have directed or worked on.

3. Use the Skills and Expertise section. If you are a filmmaker, list keywords such as Film, Film Production, Animation, Stop Motion, Editing, etc.

4. LinkedIn lets you give several URLs to link to your other websites or social networks. Don't forget to list your Film Annex Web TV link. Also add your Twitter profile and Facebook page if you have one.

5. Post regular updates. If you like to present your work in a more casual or fun way on Facebook or Twitter, try another kind of message on LinkedIn, more work oriented, and see what happens. Post the last blog's link you wrote on Film Annex, or the link to the last movie you uploaded on your Web TV. Updates can be targeted for specific audiences. it will be more relevant to send your updates to people directly connected to the topic, like other filmmakers, studios, or journalists. You can post those updates directly from the InShare button available on every movie or blog page.

6. Join LinkedIn groups related to what you do or like. There are plenty of groups about filmmaking or animation. It's more people to connect and share your work with.

7. Follow the LinkedIn page of some film studios and Film Annex to get the latest news and connect with more people.

UPDATE (May 2013):

8. Use the 'Portfolio' feature in your summary/experience/education sections to showcase your work (films, drawings, blogs, etc.). Add a direct link to your Web TV/films/articles or upload a file. It will be displayed directly in your profile. Go to "edit your profile" and follow the prompts or see the explanation here.

The result? You may find new people to work with, journalists interested in spreading the word about your films or just new fans. You will for sure increase your BuzzScore, go up in Eren's Picks list, gain more exposure and increase your revenues.

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