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LONDON GROUND newsletter is out now!!! read it HERE: LONDON GROUND IS INDEPENDENT and NEEDS YOU!!! only 14 days left to DONATE at Indiegogo. WE ARE RAISING FUNDS TO MAKE THE FILMS! we would like to ask you kindly to CONTRIBUTE | DONATE until 15th July please TAKE ACTION and SUPPORT THE FILMS You can CONTRIBUTE here: any small amount is welcome! thank you! claudia tomaz (filmmaker)

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Cláudia is a filmmaker, artist, editor and tutor based in London. Cláudia directed many films including 2 full-length features [‘Nights’ won ‘The critic’s week award’ in 2000 at the Venice Film Festival, and ‘Us’ was awarded in Locarno]. Cláudia worked in professional film from 1995 to 2003. Since then she…

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