Lost sim: find out how it was found

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Lost SIM card: find out how it was found



A while ago I removed my Smart SIM card to insert my globe SIM because I'm going to call the Globe number of my friend..

I didn't noticed where I placed my smart SIM. Then I went out in front of our house to have a full bar signal. And after calling my friend, I am about to put back my smart SIM to my phone but I can't find where it is.

Ive been sweeping all around the house but i cant find it. I have my contacts saved there. It can't be.

Until my brother arrived home from school of his daughter, he asked me what's wrong. Then I told him that I missed place my Smart simcard and i've been looking for it but I can't.

Then he started to ask me with a teasing smile "really?" , "are you sure?"(talaga? sigurado ka?). Then confusely I answered yes (oo nga!).

Then he told me I will never find it anywhere while laughing. Until he got something behind my legs. (Ano kaya ginagawa ng sim n yan sa legs mo? sabi nya)

Oh no...!!! my smart simcard was behind my leg all that time? Funny to think about it hahaha how could i find it and how did it go there.


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