Love and large hearted giving

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It is well said by someone that love and large hearted giving together can leave deep marks.Love refers to the emotions,feelings and some personal attachments.Love is a heeler,softner and soother.Through love miseries can be changed into pleasure and misfortune can be converted into good fortune.Large hearted giving can be so beneficial for everyone.It can bring a smile to the sorrowful face.Love can bring people close to each other.






 Love has mystic powers in it through which several problems of our can be solved.Things given to others by large heartedness can just move the people out of distress.We should share others' feelings and should make our heart soft.We must not consume all of our wealth but we should be concious of those needy around us.





Love, which is a universal feeling is important for every one in this world.The power of love is so strong that it allows us to treat our fellow beings with kindness and affection.A passionate lover is the most successful person in this entire universe because he can feel others and can share their feelings.Almighty Allah has bestowed our mercy and bunches of love upon us.





As it is well said by someone:

              ''_____Those who are the happiest are those who do the most

                              for others______''

Sharing for the betterment of mankind and hoping for their best can make us dear to our God.It benefits more who serves others.So,love and large hearted giving are having great power in them.







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