Love each other long enough, it is called?

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There are two things I want to tell you the time to love, the first thing in love betrayal was the work of time, the second time not decide which ardent love or not.

Really in love betrayal was the work of time, everything which has its own limitations. Can you tell I love 5 years and 10 years, but he can sure love you forever. He also told me that he would love me to death Yeah, who said he will not betray you if you drag the time he was live. I think that time is not enough to make him betray you, sir.

Like in philosophy relationship quality and that it, in it's not full of the amount accumulated, how changes in substance. So I always told her to remember that, not allowed to believe him blindly, without love is forever, only love exists long or short.

He used to ask me that they loved each other long before love will sight, I think dear. That time we can not determine whether salt concentration. Because I see people love each 5 years, 10 years can still break up and there are new people love each 2 months, only been married one month before. So matter of time that important anymore without a bye, but the important thing is that love is not important to them or it.


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