Love’s Mystery

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Love’s Mystery

Love is a beauty, a tempter and a fire,
but love is bitter, a cheater and a liar.
It leads us in, opens our heart,
then walks away, it tears us apart.
Love gives us hope, draws us on,
but it is our undoing, it treats us like pawns.

We look at love and see only good
but we do see a warning,
we would stop if we could,
but we don’t see dark swarming.
It is our own undoing,
we seek faith and hope and go so far,
but love does nothing, but leave a scar.

So through it all we keep up a fight,
hoping against hope, that we are right,
but love is cruel and plays its games,
and after we learn this we are never the same.
It changes and moulds us, forming our lives,
fools us with security, giving us wives,
but it is all an illusion, a facade, a lie,
it knows we won’t let it go, won’t say goodbye.

That is loves mystery, its allure and its key,
it is like a virus, forever changing and infecting,
it takes its toll on us all, on you and on me,
when we snap from its illusion and we start protecting,
we cut ourselves off, sealing our hearts and our fire.
What is loves mystery? it is us, you and me,
we let it in, let it nest and give it a key,
love is our blindness, our passion, our care,
but it is our destruction, from those that are not there.


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