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Big Data In The 21st Century
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Yet another encryption vulnerability

Steve Clark

Not sure how critical this one is. Does not affect all servers and you still need serious power to crack keys……

by steevc

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Love’s Mystery

Kate Saldana

Love’s Mystery Love is a beauty, a tempter and a fire,but love is bitter, a cheater and a liar.It leads us in, opens our heart,then……

by kate-saldana

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Secure your bitcoins


You all need to investigate Armory wallet offline and online desktop version. With the offline version it does not need the block……

by Peshman

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Terrorism means inflicting terror on innocent people in any society by committing acts of violence. Throughout the 20th century, terrorism……

by umairfilmannex

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Security for Foreigners

Amir Kh

  In a move to enhance security of foreigners and counter terrorist attacks, the federal government has established to special……

by i4m1r

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This is the most important issue now a day but most of us really unaware of it. As we all know the use of the Bluetooth feature in……

by owaiskn

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Security means having slability and peace in a country and means not to have war in a country   If we are secure and have security……

by mariam234

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Azada Nabizada

nVacatio is very ampourtant for all becouse when we work when we study for along time our mind will get tird we will get depeessd……

by azada-nabizada

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The New $100 bills

ANIMALS (Blogger: Happy Snail)

Finally, the new 100 dollars bills hit the streets. Get to know more about them! The new sophisticated features of The new $100 bill.……

by steve-wooder

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Security in Afghanistan


What is security?                                                                              ……

by zakertanha

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