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As these compounded problems do not any augur well for the Pakistan so the programmatic approach towards the issues is badly required.Rational decision-making is the key to address such knotly problems.Adopting some measures ,however , will prove effective to redressing the maladies.At external front Pakistan should balance is relationship with America by means of active regional engagement with China , Russia , Iran and Turkey.

As severing relations with US will further complicate our own worries because US can influence international financial institution like IMF , World Bank and Asian Development.Bank to affect Pakistan's economic and financial transactions.Apart from this US can also politically encircle Pakistan, at may platforms like UN .Peace and bilateral dialogue should be our chief concern while dealing with our neighbours particularly India and Afghanistan.

Pak Afghan Transit Trade Agreement and MFN - based initiatives with India are required to be positively and potentially utilized for these will give peace at borders and access to trans - Afghanistan energy rich Central Asian Republics.Furthermore Pakistan should present its case of IP gas pipeline on the basis of its immediate energy requirements and the alternatives solution to compensation.Payment based agreement will be a balancing act in stabilizing South Asian security environment owing Russian influence on India.

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