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Security means having slability and peace in a country and means not to have war in a country


If we are secure and have security in our country we undovptely will improve economically,culturally,and politicallty.


If we have a secure invironment we can construct our environment well and can develope our economy, culture and society.

Security is very important in every where for example if we have a family security we can live safely continu and develope our lives aspects and activities.

But when there is no security in a country that country is not safe for its residents and people will vimain poor and backwarded

Some GOVERNMENT ORGAIZATION has this responsibility to bring security in our country such as Ministry of interior,Ministry of intelligence agency,ministry of state security and( NDS)national security departmen and police day and night they work hard to find cirminals and bring security in our country .

So its everyone's duty to provide security for theirs  invironment and wherever they live.

If we want peace in our country we should have union bettwen toghter.becuase union is that only thing which

Can bring security in our county.

if we had a good negozation with taliban it will be useful for us but unfrotunatly some people interfer to that and they didn't bring on thier negozation.




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