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The govt.should create an investment friendly environment in order to boost up the economy and industrial activity as raising the standard of lives is the key component of good governance .The govt.should offer attractive incentives to the business community so that the local and the foreign investors may leave their “wait and see” attitude.In this regard maintaining peace and security condition would be the most significant measures.Most importantly the govt. must try to cover the gap between demand and supply of energy .

New dams and barrages must be built without putting the political and national stability at stake.The govt. should have control on the hoarding mafia especially ones who hoard the eatable commodities .Having strict check on the inflation would increase the standard of living of the general masses at larges.The social security programmes as “Susti roti” (In Punjab) and BISP (Benzair Income Support Programme) should be continued transparently in order to support the needy sections of society.Imparting education and awareness in the general masses is necessary to have good governance as the masses have to be the part of this process.

Accountability and awareness through media is the most convenient way of involving the masses into the process of governance .Media is now considered as the 4th organ of the state.All the private media is highly focused on how the governance is being processed in Pakistan .The media imparts great importance to the way govt. is working on various issues i.e. natural calamities in the country (earth quake of 2005,flood of 2010,2011) ,high profile murders (Benzair’s assassination in 2007 and Punjab Governor’s assassination in 2011),terrorist attacks and other law and order crisis (as the Karachi target killing) and the judicial activism.

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