Rise of the Taliban in the midst of election standoff

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The Taliban has risen again.They had a good time regrouping when our political leaders were busing solving their issues with each other.We have seen a rise of attacks on our armed forces and police.The standard of politics in Afghanistan is to be ranked the worst among all but some how they stood tall to solve the political crisis.

According to an independent survey some 9500 security personal has been killed in Afghanistan in the past 2 to 3 years which is contrary to the facts published by the US and its allies.The election standoff amongst the presidential candidates had made the country to suffer economically.The US struggled to keep peace in region and the handover of the security to the Afghans was done quite rapidly and the inexperience is causing them alot of lives while the US now sits in the safety of Kabul.Taliban has taken over most of the important bases all over Afghanistan while the US sits and watches it from Kabul.The responsibility to keep peace in Afghanistan is immense and the new government will be pushing for peace talks with Taliban ,no matter how much we grow economically but unless we sit around and solve the Taliban issue,we cannot move forward.

The BSA signing was an important step but they should have called for all the parties to share their views.The signing of BSA is not important but our own security and we cannot rely on US to keep peace in the country but our own security forces.

President Ghani has taken some important steps in his short stint as president but need to speed up the reconciliation efforts with the Taliban and all the other groups fighting in Afghanistan.Foreign hands needs to be chopped off and concrete steps to stop the flow of militants from across our borders.

We hope for many surprises from the recently elected government and our hope for a better Afghanistan has not died down but in a building process.The burden is immense but there is always hope down the road so lets pray for peacefull Afghanistan and better day are not far away.

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