Making a music video - Wire & Flashing Lights.

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Here is my full process illustrated:


I had an idea so I started to search a music that could fit to it. I listen to Professor Kliq's music and decided to make a music video about one of his track.

I edited it to make it a little shorter.

 I started the preparation by building all steps of growing white blocks with cardboard

Then I made a nice little suit to my puppet

I prepared the and lighted the black set

 And started to animate!


I had a good coach!

So I could animate some days more than 10 seconds!


Sometimes It could pass few weeks without animating. Starting back was hard.

Animating with hang over is not a good idea. That kind of day I could only make one frame...


Animating more and more and one day, after two months this is the end!

But I felt something was wrong. So I decided to make a retake and reshoot the end.


Then I had to make a few post production

And some cleaning

I couldn't see dust during the shooting. But It appeared a lot!! So I had to clean them one by one....


When everything was clean I could start the grading in good condition.

And then it's done!


Before to put it online, I wanted the agreement from Professor Kliq, so I sent him the video


And after few unfinnishable days, I had an answer from him, I was very happy


So I was proud to show it to Partizan producers


And I had the luck to get a very nice award


And the begenning of a friendship!


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Victor Haegelin is a French director based in Paris, who specializes in stop motion animation. After studying at Prague's FAMU Cinema School, he has been signed to Partizan. Victor has worked as an animator with other directors as well, namely Michel Gondry, Olivier Gondry, Valérie Pirson, Stéphanie Di Giusto, Eric…

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