Male Video game characters that would become Celebrity if they come to life!

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Today I`m going to blog some video game characters that is really cool to to see when they come to life!

Here is the list of Male Characters!

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children Movie!

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children Movie!

Zack Fair from Final Fantasy: Crisis Core!

Jin Kazama from Tekken 6 (My favorite Character! :D)

Lars from Tekken 6

Leo from Tekken 6

Miguel from Tekken 6


Leon from Resident Evil Damnation!


They are really handsome and cool looking too, isn't?

They can make blockbuster movie if they come to life!

But suddenly they are just created by some graphics artist so thanks to them because they make such great characters from their minds.

I hope you agree with my list but feel free to suggest some of your most favorite male Video game characters that you think they may become celebrity in real life!



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