Management and its four function

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Hello guys!

first of all, i like to wish you a lot of happiness and good health. I'm writing my first blog, the topic of the blog is Management. Some of you might know what management is, for those who don't know, i'm going to give them a view of what management is all about. let's start from its definition.

The process of planing, organizing, leading and controlling in such a way, to achieve efficiency or maximum output from minimum input.

There is no exact date for the introduction of management, but management has been there from a very long time. Management involves the controlling and leading and overseeing the work activities of other so that maximum efficiency is achieved. Well, let me define what efficiency is: Putting the minimum input in such a way to achieve maximum output. Well, how can we say that management is been around from ancient times? Yes, indeed we can say that. Let me give you an example. You must be familiar with ancient Egyptians, all the pyramid they constructed. These all thing were not done, just by organizing labour and getting them to work. They was a authority there who told everyone what to do and who make sure that there are enough stone there for a day. Who managed that all worker, work efficiently. Its was a manager, who took care of all the process. Now, your point is also clear that how management is their from ancient ages.

Management has four function:

  • Planing 
  • Organizing 
  • leading 
  • Controlling

First function planing, how you are suppose to travel a road when you don't even know where you want to head for. Guess what you need a plan where you are heading for, or in other word for an organization, what do you want to achieve. You need a defined plan and then you can start to work on it.

Second function organizing, this function refers to your vehicle for travelling. Which vehicle you want to choose and in organization it could be said about your resources. In this process that planing stages in break down into bits and bits of pieces. Now plan in break down into piece, now all you need is an execution.

Third function leading, leading refer to working with people in order to achieve the organization goals. and on the last is controlling, which refer to overseeing work activities, comparing them with other and then correcting the work performance of others.

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