mB 2.3 - 12/9/14

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It's interesting that when I received my bonus today, it had increased a bit while my buzz score had certainly gone down one point. I wonder why. Well, I guess I had missed hte other bonus buzzes which I should be getting from interacting and checking on the facebook invite option. I realized, I had only sent a request once which was last night and within the day, I couldn't find any option to invite someone.

But anyway, I am still glad that my earning had increased, I have 2.3077 mB yesterday and today, I got 2.3407 mB. It's just a little increase though but it seems to signify that what I am doing is actually working in terms of increasing the earnings.

It is still hard to make blogs though. And I am trying hard to make up stories while also roaming around for activities or interaction within my network.

How's your own earnings today?


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