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i loved a girl since my school days but never had the courage to talk to her. She is so beautiful i could see her for hours. When i was in 9th grade i saw her first time in school party, she was wearing a white dress, from the moment i looked at her i fall in LOVE with her. I was watching her but she didn't saw me  i was a very shy boy.
My friend told to go talk to her but i didn't have the courage to go directly to her.

Next day after party, i came early in school, she was walking with her friend in the ground, i was watching her through the corridor, then suddenly she saw me, at i got nervous as if she takes a stalker or something like that, but she SMILED, we saw each other, after few days final exams came we both got busy in studies and i didn't saw her for couple of months. After summer vacations in joined a tuition center, after one month gone,i came late in class, when i enter the class i saw her sitting on front seat and she saw !!! that my heart stops beating, i asked my teacher to come in and he said yes you may come but i stand there watching her. 
I feel like its my dream come true, the girl i loved the most is in my class, i was so excited, when i sit back in the class, she turned around and she looked it me, that was the most amazing feeling.

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