Microsoft Launches OS Windows 10

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Microsoft Resmi Ungkap OS Windows 10

Microsoft Launches OSWindows 10 (Photo: Overclockersclub)


CALIFORNIA - info that is circulating that Microsoft will launch Windows 9 or Threshold. Apparently, the new OS is given another name instead of Windows 9, but Windows 10.

Reported by Overclockersclub, Wednesday (10/01/2014), executive vice president for Microsoft's Operating Systems Group, Terry Myerson unveil the new name of Windows 10 as well as the company's approach to operating systems that offer new experiences accordingly. Windows 9 thought incompatible with the idea.

So, Windows 10 combines the traditional elements of the touch features of Windows 7 and Windows 8 together with other new features. Visible appearance of the Start menu are familiar to the user, and the addition of Windows 8 Live Tiles.

In a preview video, shown the Start menu and customizable Live Tiles. Menu and Live Tiles can be laid in size (resize).

The Start menu can be expanded up through the boundary monitors the user, the user can scroll up to the monitor to the left and right to see each app (just in Windows 8). The current Metro app appears in the Windows format that can be styled in size.

Side of the taskbar is also improved, until the user can see all applications being opened. There still remain the keyboard command Alt + Tab, which also presents each application that middle of the road.

Windows 10 was launched for the user desired by the middle of next year.

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