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Today every person of world, which is relative with any country is use mobile. Today in this world we communicate at with people in different ways, we can communicate who are sitting hundred of kilometers away from us through mobile and internet. The one most use communication system is mobile phone. Now I am going to tell you some thing about the mobile and cell phones.

History of Mobile phones:-
    In the old age time people use to communicate with the help of pigeons. It was so difficult sometime secrete messages went in wrong hands. After it they invent another way of communication with the help of letter. It’s became so famous with these letters and posts.

     Day by day people become unhappy because it was a slow processes. People us to wait long time in this period. Graham bell invented a new way of communication this invention become famous all over the world.
This was the invention of telephone people use to communicate with each other in all over the world in few second’s.

Slowly people become unhappy the genius people and inventer invented the cellphone which we carry our pocket.This invention is mind blowing we carry a lote of thing's in a phone like Computer,Camera,Tape recorder,Games and etc.

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