Monster Mash Monday: Horrors vs. Lawn Gnomes

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This week, it’s a Monster Mash of big versus small: the Horrors versus the Lawn Gnomes!  While the Horrors have their size, the Lawn Gnomes have their multitude.  Check out their stats and vote for who would win their battle.

The Horrors

Big, bulging yellow eyes! Dark, twisted horns curling over bright, green heads! Razor-sharp claws on four-fingered paws! Massive layers of freaky flesh with outlandish arms outstretched! Hideous, long fangs drooling with ravenous delight! The star attractions of the HorrorLand amusement park aren’t just any special effect - these monsters are for real.  The HorrorLand Horrors live for thrills - the kind of breathtakingly frightful stunts that make humans of all ages scream with terror and leave the Horrors laughing with delight!

The Lawn Gnomes

The Lawn Gnomes may be small, but there sure are a lot of them! They lurk in the garden, blending in.  You have to look close or you’ll miss them - but they won’t miss you.  And for gnomes, they can sure pack a big punch!

Who do you think would win, the Horrors or the Lawn Gnomes? Comment your answer below.


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