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The most beautiful word on the lips of  the mankind is the mother and the most beautiful sound is call of the my mother.

It is the word full of hope and the love a sweet kind of the word coming from the depth of the heart.
A mother is every thing.
She is our consolation in sorrow,
Our hope in miseries and our strength in weakness,
She is source of love hope and sympathy,
A mother is the pure soul who blesses and guaards us continuously,
Every thing in the nature be speaks the nature of mother,
The sun is the mother of earth and gives it the nourishment of heat,
It does not leave the universe at the night until it has put the earth
To sleep to the song of the sea,hum of birds and brooks,Earth si mother of the trees and birds and flowers,it produces them nurses them and waters them.
Trees and the flower becomes the mother of the fruits and seeds
The human mother the prototype of the existance is the external spirit full of beauty hope and tender loving care,

The mother who gives the birth
Endures all the hardships for us
Nourishs and brings us up
So that we may stand on this
World with your head high
She is with us in our infancy,
Giving us food in our adolescent
Stage to direct in us our
Youth to apprise us in middle ages to advise us and in old age her shadow
Accompanies us and saves us from tortures of solitude.

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