Mother's Day

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Remember that you were worried eyes

Remember that night with the touch of your hands would relieve your pain

Remember that because your heart has been wound

Let then knelt and thanked endowed with mother

Jumada II twentieth year, is a day full of memories and spirituality; sweet memories of loving mothers, children, wives, loving and faithful To this day, birthdays Yemen Islamic Sample Lady Fatima Zahra (AS), Mother's Day is named;lady that is the flagship of all women in the world Only an innocent woman her father, her husband was innocent and innocent himselfAnd the Prophet (PBUH) called him my "Blues", is the mother of the woman who was like a father.

Although the lifetime of Hazrat Zahra was short but brilliant life blessed  be she, it is the gracious lady unique pattern for all women of the world throughout history have made Woman, his childhood home the first person in Islam Prophet's (PBUH) and no kids at home during the second prominent personalities of Islam  Ali (AS)  passed And two Imams Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS)  and two daughters, devoted and brave Zaynab and Umm Kalthoum delivered to the community.

Manner of life of Hazrat Zahra (AS) is so informative and interesting that a free woman in the world applauds him like a saint Born of a woman her skirt Khadija, wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the center of the first family with scripture and praise songs accompanied Ghodsian Mylad night and cry Takbir and praise the sublime to celebrate Kosar Ullah granted him his nickname because he is the source of all goodness

If the day should be Women's Day, the day higher and higher honor of the birth day of Fatima prosperity against ULLAH is revealed to the family of a woman who is proud and as the sun shines on dark dear Islam

Named one day of the year in the name of the mother has a long history and culture of different nations and each nation has tried to devote a day to celebrate Mother Shamkh officials.

In Islamic culture, full time happy birthday’s great lady of Islam, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Mother's Day to the women and mothers of this land the lesson of his faith, sacrifice and kindness learn

We also decided to review the history of Mother's Day, among other nations, other cultures to examine the history of the occasion

Mother's Day in Christian countries

An American woman named Anna Jarvis After her mother death, the eighth month of 1905 was the idea that all mothers when they are alive, it is appreciated.So they put all their efforts on the day of the year dedicated to mothers She asked at the beginning of their local priest. The role of parents in the community to deliver a sermon.

 Then the men of letters of spiritual, political and sent through After purchasing an advertising agency, a message with content "to assign a day for honoring mothers, making them immortal People will listen and finally in 1907, on Sunday, the second of May - Mother's death, Anna Jarvis - Mother's Day was called After the successful efforts of Jarvis, with the end of the First World War, European countries found their way to Mother's Day. Mother's Day was common in Switzerland in 1917 and then went to Austria and the Scandinavian Islands in Germany for the first time in 1922 to celebrate the day.

But the nationalists will distort Mother's Day in this country because they are based on the ideology of the Aryan race is the mother ensures durability, this day was celebrated Mother's Day is the symbol of a living mother and a mother who died of a branch of red carnations, white carnations is a branch. Anna Jarvis presenting the plan, raising goal for promoting women Anna Jarvis, founder of Mother's Day in the Christian world - a woman his mother never did - in 1948, died in a nursing home in Philadelphia. Curiously, all maintenance costs and stay in the nursing home business goals - those who benefit most from it was Mother's Day – suffered

The story continues in near future in the next episode, God willing. 

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