Mountains Part 1

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Human beings went into the highest part of our planet. Some might think that by climbing the high mountain we can conclude but the reality is that we are visitors here. This is frozen alien world called “Mountains”.

Now i show you a picture of one of the lowest and hottest place of the world.

It's over the hundred meters below the level of this warm. Presence of sulphuric acid indicates the presence of huge titanic volcano over there.

In above pic it is the chemical depression in Ethiopia. Lava rise to the surface of crust through this cracks and create a chain of young volcanoes.


Volcanoes form the backbone of the longest chain of mountains on Earth called "The Andes of South America". This vast range stretches 5000 miles from the equator down to the Antarctica. It has the most unstable weather on the Earth and storms come again and again without warning. Temperature goes very low there. We can see truly all season in one day.

These are the mountains of Patagonia lies on the southern end of the Andes. 

In the American mountains the 100000 evlonges devastate the slope every winter. This huge mountains  chain continues the great spines that run from Patagonia to Alaska. The slip of the mountains provide a winter refuge for some animals. Summer revue the true nature of mountains. 

So here are my some of the knowledge about mountains. These mountains are important part of nature as they provide beauty to this nature. The part 2 of this will come later.


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