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Hello friends. After two weeks of searching for a topic to write blogs on bitLanders, I finally found a good topic that I think is interesting to discuss. On this opportunity I will review a movie by the titled Assassin's Creed. Although I did not watched this movie because this movie has not been released and the movie of Assassin's Creed will be publish on December 2016, but I will introduce this movie to all my friends in bitLanders. Of course, this movie can be input into the list of movies that must be watched on 2016. For the people who are familiar with the game Assassin's Creed of course they are very look forward for this film to be released soon, given the excitement that occurs when playing this game will be realized in an action film.  

The director of this movie is Justin Kurzel, a citizen of nationality Australia that very famous and highly proficient in directing movies. In addition to the famous director, the script of this movie is written by the famous and proficient in the areas of script writing, they are Bill Collage and Adam Cooper. In this movie will be played by famous artists who are very talented in the field of cinema, such as Michael Fassbender will play two characters that Callum Lynch and Aguilar. In addition there is also a figure of Michael K. Williams who acted as Moussa, and many well-known figures who will take part in this movie. Genres in this movie is a lot of action and adventure as well as a very exciting fight. The movie based on the game Assassin's Creed, so many fans of this game is waiting for the release of the movie whether the movie will be similar to the game or not. let's continue on the Story of the movie. 

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Synopsis of the Movie

Many surprising things from the synopsis of the Assassin's Creed movie. At the beginning of the synopsis of the Assassin's Creed movie in 2016 will tell you about character named Callum Lynch (Played by Michael Fassbender) who is an assassin who just became a murderer but not very professional. Callum Lynch living in times that are very modern era and he was abducted and recruited by major companies in this film called Abstergo. The company actually took Lynch to join special missions company whose mission is to restore the lost sacred artifact, this artifact is called the Piece of Eden. Because with the advanced technology that is given by the company named Animus, finally Lynch was able to went into the past and explore the memories of his ancestral named Aguilar. The Aguilar lived in the past, precisely in the 15th century and he resides in the Spanish city. Aguilar is a professional murderer who is in fear and he is a member of the Assassin, a secret agent of scary killers.

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For successfully exploring the experience of ancestors who named Aguilar is, ultimately Lynch could be a killer that is very reliable which has the fighting skills were remarkable for having had the expertise and skills to become a professional killer when fighting against the Knight Templar were terrific for the sake of fighting artifacts Piece of Eden through the fight a very big and exciting. Previous Lynch did not realize that she is a descendant of Aguilar but of the martial prowess, Lynch finally realizes that she is a descendant of a secret assassin named Aguilar.

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Callum Lynch also finally realized the true intentions of the company Abstergo who attempted to send into the past to find the Artifacts, Piece of Eden. It turned out that the leader of the company Abstergo is a Knight Templar who had his opponent when the fight artifacts Piece of Eden. Knights Templar who live in modern times in which they look for the presence of the sacred artifacts. The purpose of the company Abstergo is looking Artifact Piece of Eden and used to control the world in which this desire has been long by Abstergo since ancient times, but has not been achieved because of the loss Piece of Eden due to the war with the Assassin.

Because Lynch realized the evil intentions of this company then Lynch trying to fight and stop Abstergo using fighting skills that has been very reliable and impressive.

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Watch the trailer of the Assassin's Creed Below

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Cast and Crew of the Movie

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Assassin's Creed movie that will be release on December 21, 2016 in the adoption of the famous game series Assassin's Creed has taken players actor Michael Fassbender, who has get Oscar nomination. Leaders from Ubisoft company has announced via twitter as social networking and display some of the players who was filming when shooting in movie Assassin's Creed will be, one of the characters in the picture is Michael Fassbender, he is seen wearing a white shirt holding a clapper in his chest.

The success key of a movie highly determined by the players who can animate while being portrayed as appropriate, so the director has chosen professional figures who will portray the character in the Assassin's Creed movie. Some of the great figures who will follow the success of the Assassin's Creed movie are:

-->Michael Fassbender, in this movie will role as Callum Lynch and Aguilar, a brave knight and a main character wielding two swords secret in his hands and wearing black robes.

-->Marion Cotillard, in this movie will role as Dr. Sophia Rikkin, to increase the curiosity of the fans of Assassin's Creed movie, the role of the actress was still in secret.

-->Brendan Gleeson, in this movie will role as Joseph in this movie will role as father of Callum Lynch. According to rumors Brendan Gleeson is believed to act as a strong father figure of the main character (Lynch) played by Michael Fassbender.

-->Jeremy Irons, in this movie will role as Alan Rikkin, According to rumors the famous character Jeremy Irons will play the character of a wise father figure beautiful actress of Marion Cotillard.

-->Michael Kenneth Williams, in this movie will role as Moussa. Could not be ascertained with certainty the role of Michael, but he's definitely going to be an important role in this movie.

-->Brian Gleeson, in this movie will role as Young Joseph, role as Joseph (father Callum Lynch), but when he was younger.

-->Ariane Labed, in this movie will role as Maria, a figure smart and brave from great Assassin , she was a guide and companion of the main character, Callum Lynch when he went past in the 15th century ago.

-->Matias Varela, in this movie will role as Emir,  a descendant of the great family of the Assassin Middle East. In the movie he was retained by the  Abstergo company in Spain.

-->Coco König, in this movie will role as Lara, an antagonist character, one that helps to keep the secret cunning of the Abstergo company is maintained so as not uncovered by Lynch.

-->Christopher Whitlow, in this movie will role as Assassin 1, a family of Assassin that valiant and resilient.

-->Graham Curry, in this movie will role as Templar, an evil character and he is a sworn enemy of the Assassin family.

Pros and Cons in the appointment of Assassin's Creed game into a movie

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Assassin's Creed was originally a very interesting game series released by Ubisoft company and always was renewed every year. In this game, of course, a player will play as an Assassin and has a mission to unravel the mysteries, as well as the fight to defeat the forces of evil Templar who intends to rule the world.

But recently the Ubisoft company  announced that there would be no longer the latest update of the game Assassin's Creed because the company will be busy in taking care of Assassin's Creed movie. The big fans of the game Assassin's Creed may be very disappointed because the Ubisoft company has confirmed that there will be no new game Assassin's Creed will be updated in the year 2016. But the disappointment of most of these fans may be relieved when watching the premiere of the Assassin's Creed movie that will be release on December 21, 2016.

Great war will Occurs

Snapshot war that occurred in the game of Assassin's Creed

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Both in the Assassin's Creed game  or in the movie will be release, present big war between the Assassin against the Templars. Big battle will not be able to avoid in order to realize peace in the world. The war in order to fight Piece of Eden will change the history of world civilization. Fighting, using weapons like a ninja is very tense and make the audience stunned when watching this movie.

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usually in various films the main character is always a winner. But Lynch as the main character who comes from a Assassin family  will win beat the Templar?

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I hope Assassin can beat Templar in this great war, so that the world can be saved.

If the movie is published later on December 21. 2016. I'll watch this movie instantly on a nearby movie theater in my town.

Let us look forward together with this movie premiered in your favorite movies.

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For all my friends in bitlanders let us look forward to the Assassin's Creed movie that will be published on December 21, 2016. I am Arjun-Saskar saying see you next time to the next movie reviews.


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