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Jurassic World by Colin Trevorrow was a rare example of a sequel, which was equally favorably received by both critics and viewers. The film won mostly favorable reviews and earned more than 1,5 billion dollars in the world, clearly hinting that dinosaurs are again in trend. 

 JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM, the new sequel of a very successful franchise, came back to cinema screens after 25 years after the first film's release and returned back not only the favorite characters but also breathtaking dinosaurs. Started by Steven Spielberg, the Odyssey has already given the four series awarded for audio-visual effects, loved by critics and spectators, and highly rated. What did the 5th film bring to viewers?

Another “Jurassic” flick wasn’t necessary, but it’s a fantastic ride all the same. 


Once someone launches the next walk with dinosaurs, it means that someone needs it. This is necessary for producers to earn even more money and spectators who are not tired of running away from computer dinosaurs. Although it would seem, this monotonous attraction with dinosaurs could be closed a long time ago already, because it is impossible to offer a conceptually new story about the ancient lizards released.

Film director J.A. Bayona promised that film is breathtaking. In my opinion, the sequel tried to surpass its predecessor, but it failed. However, by no means can I call JURASSIC WORLD 2 a bad film. This is a normal movie if you like dinosaurs and are ready to close your eyes to the plot inconsistencies.

And, by the way, you will find JURASSIC WORLD 2 in the IMDb list of 50 best movies of 2018. Let's watch!


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The Short Story Of The Movie 

In JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM viewers will return to the island, where a dinosaur-based amusement park has recently existed. The flooding tourist flows in the past there were replaced by reigning wildlife and population of enormous size, but the peace that could come with the disappearance of people did not come.

The awakened volcano again threatens the survival of the island and the lives of its inhabitants. Former amusement park director Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), accompanied by Owen (Chris Pratt), wants to return to the enriched island and rescue all dinosaurs living there and move them to earth for the examining.

Unfortunately, scientifically derived prehistoric animals embed their rescuers into a trap, and the team will need the true, real miracle to escape from there. 

And, of course, this mission will turn out being with a double bottom, as ugly villains interfere with the task, the goal of which is to use dinosaurs as a weapon.


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The Content Of The Movie

In 2015, the film Jurassic World was released. It is a continuation of the original series of films about the Jurassic Park, from the famous Steven Spielberg and his comrades. Three years later, the sequel comes out - the JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM.

I was lucky to watch a movie in the format of IMAX 3D - this is the case when it is better to watch the movie exactly on the big screen and preferably in a three-dimensional format for complete immersion. The film turned out being bright, juicy, colorful, and emotional. Here you will find elements of drama, melodrama, thriller, adventure, and even true horror.

I admit honestly that I adore JURASSIC WORLD. Yes, objectively, it is weaker than the wonderful Jurassic Park, but it managed to put good pressure on nostalgia and gave me great emotions. But at the same time, films like JURASSIC WORLD 2 are only capable of putting pressure on nostalgia, and nothing more. Many films in a row exhaust themselves, and their sequels are not able to give something new.


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If we talk about the plot of this film, then it is simply a slightly altered version of the sequel to the Jurassic Park. Only this time, the main characters must save the dinosaurs from the dying island, but human stupidity and greed prevent the task's fulfillment. And such a plot could fit if the writers would simply stretch the first half of the film, which was a spectacular catastrophe with dinosaurs.

But for some reason they decided to add to this film questions of morality, which consisted of the following: Should dinosaurs be left alive or not? And what did these questions end up with? It was one of the most stupid and ridiculous finals in history. If the writers added it just for the sake of the finale, then yes, it was definitely worth it.

 The only hope was the director of the film. In this part, the director was Juan Antonio Bayona, a great director who shot the wonderful film The OrphanageAnd I hoped that he would be able to bring his gloomy style to this part, and the film would get better from it. He actually contributed it; the second half turned out being a bit darker than the earlier part. But he failed to bring anything new in terms of suspense and tension.


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If we compare this part with the most intense and exciting part, namely with the first Jurassic Park, then even half of what is in the old film is not in the new one. There were much more lively protagonists who are much more empathetic. Spielberg put them in much more dangerous situations. They caused goosebumps and created the right atmosphere. 

And all that managed to bring the director and screenwriters of this film, it's just a ridiculous dinosaur, as in the first Jurassic World, which in theory should create tension. And here I am again inclined towards the fact that this part could stay a disaster film, especially since Juan Antonio Bayona has an excellent experience to make such films.

The first forty minutes of the film I watched at one go; you don’t pay attention to the standard flaws of almost all Hollywood blockbusters, like cliches and illogical actions of the characters, because the visual and the lightness of the story play their part, and everything is nice and beautiful. Till the action suddenly turns into a sticky mess.



The creators played the topic of hybridization again, and moreover, it is not surprising, it also brings the old characters of the franchise, and all this looks extremely clumsy. In addition, on the topic of genetics, the creators decided to go even further and put in a whole storyline but simply threw it away, without revealing any characters or events. The attempt to go to horror was a failure. And also due to excessive copying. Seriously, well, you made one or two references in the direction of the original tape, but not three times in one minute! It also leaves a bunch of unanswered questions after viewing.

The picture does not keep in suspense, and this is not only because of poorly written heroes but also with the general atmosphere.

But despite the wave of negativity, this film is not terrible. The visual part is tolerable, the first half of the film, where the personages rescue the dinosaurs is quite good, and I still miss the dinosaurs a bit, because new films about them are not so often released. But it is not capable of taking nostalgia, as the first part of the Jurassic World. Therefore, it looks so mediocre.

Action in the film is present too. It is the destruction of the island, the shootout, and T-Rex that will amaze everyone! You just need to remind yourself from time to time that this is a movie about dinosaurs that eat people.


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The Personages Of The Movie

In general, I can describe all the characters in this movie clearly and literally in two words: the heroine Bryce Dallas Howard is a kind enthusiast, Daniella Pineda is a young enthusiast, Geraldine Chaplin is a native housekeeper.

There are, of course, male characters, but in addition to Pratt, I can only distinguish Justice Smith who played the typical computer geek. All the rest personages men are simply evil.

The disclosure of the characters in the film is minimal; they are all typical, we have seen each of them thousands of times, in thousands of similar works, and they do not change along the plot.

Claire Dearing : [imprisoned with Owen; watches two dinosaurs, a mother and a child] Do you remember the first time you saw a dinosaur? First time you see them, it's like... a miracle. You read about them in books, you see the bones in museums but you don't really... believe it. They're like myths. And then you see... the first one alive.


Chris Pratt and my favorite Bryce became the protagonists of this piece, overshadowing even the huge T-Rex adorning the poster. 

The only thing I could complain about was the lack of interpersonal relations between the main characters. Their communication is full of strange dialogues and silly jokes, but for some reason, they didn’t really show the most important thing between them.  


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 From an unprincipled career woman, Claire turned into a defender of dinosaurs, who is also able to make rational and sensible decisions.

Also, according to tradition, there is a child here, but I hated her. No, the girl's acting is not bad, just her character is capable of causing wild hatred. And this is due to the end of the film. I will be not surprised if other viewers will feel the same feelings for her.

I also liked the supporting characters Zia (Daniella Pineda) and Franklin (Justice Smith). She is a cool doctor, and he is a botanist - such a thermonuclear mix.

An antagonist man appeared, but he is boring. Cliche on the cliche. 

And yet, one of the main characters of the first Jurassic Park returned to this film, just for five minutes spoke pathetic speeches, and not even interacted with new characters. This was not what I expected when wanted to see at least one of the first part's heroes. 


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The Technical Side Of The Movie

Graphics and countless special effects are made at the highest level. Each dinosaur is beautifully painted, and throughout the film, the viewer feels himself a direct participant in all the events occurring on the screen.

I must note the excellent cinematography and soundtrack. Panoramic camera flyovers, breathtaking views. Music consists of a very powerful choir, and it greatly complements all set.

What really caused emotions? It's the work done with the visual part. Everything related to the visual part of the film is at the highest level: the dinosaurs, cataclysms, islands, and houses. All the action scenes, in terms of the visual, are gorgeous and very please the eyes.

Dark, but at the same time juicy picture, excellent angles, suspense: the creators wanted to gently demonstrate already familiar situations from a slightly different angle, taking into account modern technologies.

Since the time of Steven Spielberg, dinosaurs are more toothy and more real. The work is simply excellent, so the specialists who are responsible for it can sleep peacefully.

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The Collective work Of The Movie

Of the actors, there are just a few I want to talk about. Chris Pratt has not undergone any particular changes. He played the charismatic trainer of dinosaurs normally.

Chris Pratt is charismatic and funny. The boy scout turned out being bright, although, in my opinion, in this film, the creators went too far with his comic character. There are already too many jokes among which there are some completely inappropriate.

Bryce Dallas Howard has become better in this film. Plus, her acting became better. When she became a caring aunt in the last film, she replayed a lot. Here everything is stable, and her game is kept at the normal level the entire movie.

James Cromwell, albeit and played a small role, but caused extremely pleasant impressions. I cannot say the same about the new star Isabella Sermon. Perhaps, the character is simply poorly registered, but she did not cause positive emotions either by playing or by mimicry.



On A Final Note

Of course, dinosaur lovers, who actually is the author of this review too, will like the movie. They are cool, and there is no rejection in the style of this is not real dinosaurs. It was nice to see them again.

In general, it was nice to see what was happening, to see the dinosaurs and their world again. But the plot, the cliche main villain, and the ending, somehow made me feel a little upset.

It's like a gothic fairy tale for adults with harsh morality in the finale - not exactly what the viewer could expect from a summer blockbuster about dinosaurs.

In general, the impressions remained neutral-positive, after all, for something more than a spectacular attraction, JURASSIC WORLD 2 did not pretend, but actually, I expected the film will be more meaningful, gloomy, and interesting from the creator of The Orphanage than just popcorn film. Very mediocre for the film shot at such an impressive amount.


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Of course, I wish that there were fewer cliches in the film, and there were more new things highlighted, that the role of Chris Pratt was a little less heroic and a bit more lively. Perhaps the next film will fix it.

A tense and thrilling ride with a surprisingly thought-provoking message.


My rating: 6.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 48/100
Metacritic: 51/100
Critics average: 5.0/100
IMDb: 6.2/10  


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